10 Days at Quiet Camp

No talking
No writing
No exercise
No music
No drugs / intoxicants 
Older students, whom are able, skip dinner
8 hours of sitting 04:30-9:30

If there is no peace in the minds of individuals, how can there be peace in the world? Make peace in your own mind first. -S. N. Goenka

One of my most defining moments. Things would never be the same after this.

My roommates name was Kyle but I didn’t find that out until the last day. The first couple of days were interesting enough because it was novel. Something I have never done before. By day 4 or 5 I forgot which day it was and how many sessions were left. Whens the next meal? Whens the next tea time? This was all I could think of. Even though we weren’t allowed to exercise which meant I wasn’t famished. I also later found out that I would be easier to concentrate on the practice if we didn’t have anything to digest. One less thing for the mind to focus on.

Without giving away too many insider secrets, I can say, It won’t be easy. Physically or mentally. Every past idea, moment, and thought in your life will wash past your being and there’s nothing that will be able to distract you from remembering. Only by bringing the attention back to the breath. 

I ended with the most clarity and a skill that I still use every day


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