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Investing vs NOW

If Im able to believe that "yesterday" "tomorrow" "monday, tue, wed..." are all made up, why put money away for a future self?
If the goal is to make the fake numbers work for themselves then great.

I could all end today.



If I look back and try guess when I was the most content, there are three separate times that arises.

Working in the French Alps.

Living in a van in NZ.

Staging - working for free- in Melbourne.

What do all of these have in common? Simplicity.

Should I search for a similar experience?



Do all creators go through this?

Lost, hate, why? question everysecond, emotional

No help, care, nurturing

If the great inventors/euntrepenures listened or questioned what their peers said they wouldn't have built something that seemed impossible. Until they silenced the noise.


Technology Retreats

I know for a fact they aren't new. Will they become more prevalent? Technology detox? Technology retreats? More remote team meetups on a lake in the forest.


Close eyes

Thoughts flow by. Which one do I grab? None. More rush by. Stimulations and simulations.

If what im getting angry and frustrated with wont matter in the next 10 min would it matter in the next 10 years?

Creating becomes interesting when you wake up and all you want to is finish were you left off. Or start a new project.

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