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I feel a new life

Could be the black coffee on an empty stomach.

It could be learning a new skill

Using that skill to create something im proud of

Sharing my knowledge encompassing everything ive learned

cooking, fermenting, shooting, editing, sharing

It makes me think of a new way to see the world

A new appreciation for what it takes to make a movie

Going to bed contemplating my next shot

Waking up wanting jump into the cold abyss.


What nobody sees

Show this process. Show the process of scouting the location. Setting up the camera. Filming. Editing.

The 'cooking/fermenting video' will be inside the video.

Set up the video, zoom in, zoom out, color grade, cut, transition, add music. Screen grab. Webcam green.


”How to get better at ______”

Keep doing ______ . Day after, rep after rep.

Enjoy the process more than the outcome.


Fake Groundhog Day

I hate it. I liked knowing that no two days would be the same. I like the routine of randomness.

I have a morning routine but this isnt the same.

I know why the rest of the country feels like it's safe or they can't get hurt. It's the same feeling as an 18 year old saying they can't die. We think years are a given.

Until we realize it's all made up. The same goes for yesterday and tomorrow. They are both figments of our imagination.

The only thing we have is now and the only metric I should be worried about is; Does this bring me joy?


IRL vs online

Do things that scale vs passion projects. They could be the same thing but a passion project could also be opening a 10 seat coffee bar that serves $15 coffee. No one will want to copy me.

The bigger killer is analysis paralysis and then never taking the leap or switching from one task to another. Never finishing one but and half starting another.

Im old school, I like the craft. I like building something with my hands. Yes I know coding and such is building with your fingers but it doesn't have the same feeling. At least no yet

Its the passion project that needs the get done first.

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